February 28, 2005 .net

Let MS make sure your .NET 1.x app run on .NET 2.0

Assuming you don’t have the luxury of dipping the machines your .NET 1.x applications run on in Lucite, you are going to have to make sure that your apps run under .NET 2.0. Normally, that means testing your applications under .NET 2.0 and making changes. However, right now, Jay Roxe at Microsoft is beefing up the .NET 2.0 compatibility test suite, so if there are compatibility problems in your apps, there’s a good chance* that MS will actually apply fixes to the .NET 2.0 framework itself instead of requiring you to make changes to your app.

Jay’s especially interested in corporate-scale” applications, but I’m sure he’ll consider whatever you’ve got. Don’t be shy! Get your apps into consideration for the .NET 2.0 compatibility test suite today!

* good chance” == chance > 0, no guarantees, some restrictions apply, void where prohibited, use at your own risk, blah, blah, blah…