Hi. My name is Chris Sells and I’m the founder and chief proprietor of sellsbrothers.com, the web site HQ for Sells Brothers, Inc. I put this web site up sometime in 1995 when I could no longer remember the complete list of links I wanted to share with my students and it just kinda got outa hand from there.

Over the years, the site has been written and rewritten in the latest technology of the day, but fundamentally, it’s just a place for me to write about whatever it is that interests me at the moment, whether it’s about something fun I found on the internet, a tip for how to interview well, a tool that I’ve built and want to share or just general opinion.

If you’d like to know more about me or contact me, you’ve got Twitter, LinkedIn and my email. Enjoy.

P.S. While I currently work for Meta, this web site represents my own personal views and opinions and should not in any way be construed as the views or opinions of my employer or subsideraries.