February 9, 2005 .net

Video: Soma on Visual Studio 2005 + Smart Clients

Somasegar says a key component of continuing this momentum is creating connected systems’ that work together by using smart clients. Let’s take the best from the Web client world and the best from the rich client world, and—voila!—you have a smart client,’ Somasegar says. Smart clients can allow several applications to share code with one another while using minimal resources, eliminating the need to duplicate coding efforts; essentially, if one application requires a piece of code existing already in another application, it simply can request the code to be sent over. The cheapest piece of code is the piece of code that you don’t have to write in the first place,’ Somasegar says, as smart clients provide interoperability through Web services and leverage existing investments. Enabling developers to reuse existing assets is a key design goal.’ The end result of using a smart client, ultimately, is a rich user experience that requires using minimal resources.”