October 4, 2004 .net

Thinking About Developers and Smart Clients

I’ve recently added another castle to my empire by taking on the Content Strategist duties for the MSDN Smart Client Developer Center.

When I step into a new project, my typical mode of operations is to gather goals and issues from as many people as care that I can find, stir it all up with what I think is important, run it up the flag pole, repair the bullet holes a few times and then execute. I’m in the gather” mode on the SCDC right now and I’m curious what your goals and issues are for the SCDC as it stands today and for what you’d hope it to become tomorrow. Feel free to respond to this post (even anonymously if it makes you feel more comfortable) or email me. The idea is that the SCDC becomes a valuable place for Microsoft developers building Smart Clients of all kinds, but particularly using Windows Forms, the Compact Framework, Visual Studio Tools for Office (did you know that they have a ClickOnce equivalent?) and WinFX.

BTW, I’m still the Content Strategist for the Longhorn DevCenter, so don’t go getting your hopes up that I’ll stop beating that particular drum. : )