September 10, 2004 .net

Catching up with Longhorn

That was interesting. I spent all week getting ready for the big announcement, we launched it on a Friday and then I took off for a week of fun in the sun. And now, it’s taken me a week to catch up with what everyone is thinking. People I’ve found particular interesting are:

  • Chris Anderson, Architect on the Avalon team (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Joe Beda, recently formerly on the Avalon team (1)
  • Jeremy Mazner, Longhorn Evangelist (1, 2)
  • Robert Scoble, MS RSS Filler (1, 2)
  • Miguel de Icaza, Architect on the Mono project, a .NET clone (1, 2)
  • Robert McLaws, a 3rd party developer (1, 2)
  • Jason Olson, a 3rd party developer (1, 2)
  • Jim Allchin, Group VP for Platforms (1)

In the meantime, I’m re-aligning the Longhorn DevCenter content with our new goals, making sure to keep on my toes as things suss out (we’re far from completely sussed on the details or implementations of this announcement, which is why watching internal and external commentary is so interesting right now).