July 8, 2004 .net

Richard Turner Answers Common Indigo Questions

Richard Turner, a PM on the Indigo team, answers some of the Indigo questions that came up as a result of his recent Channel9 interview, including:

  • Will .NET Remoting go away any time soon? (no)
  • Will Indigo Services require IIS? (no)
  • We need to support Windows 2000 and XP. Can Indigo Services be hosted on these OSs? (it’s not supported) Will applications running on these OSs be able to act as clients to Indigo Services? (absolutely)
  • We expose some of our remoting assemblies via HTTP and host at least one in IIS.  Will Indigo Services offer interoperability with these configurations? (yes) Will we be able to write an Indigo wrapper around a remoting DLL? (yes)

I’ve just realized that Richard has turned into my most favorite Indigo blogger. He straddles the fence nicely between what is available today and what’s going to be available tomorrow. Thanks, Richard. We need you. : )