June 24, 2004 .net

It’s Almost Always Option B

Choose an existing technology Foo and imagine a newer, better way of doing the same thing called Bar that’s coming in some number of days/weeks/years. Sean and Scott say that you have the following choices:

A. Blissfully continue to use Foo.
B. Continue to use Foo, but research Bar, and architect for its use once it’s available.
C. Don’t touch Foo with a 10 foot pole. It’s dead after all. Touching it is probably illegal in 46 states.

Some folks hold onto option A too long, while some jump into option C too soon. The answer is almost always B within some delta of it’s available” that’s appropriate for your business.

Sean and Scott call Foo and Bar Windows Forms” and Avalon,” but as they point out, these are the decisions we’re always making on new technologies. What’s the best judge of the delta around it’s available” for adoption? That’s all about your specific business needs and don’t let peer pressure sway you either way.