May 28, 2004 .net

A 3-Part, 3-Day Weekend XAML Quiz

Ian posted a fun little snippet of XAML showing off the new support for image effects on anything that Avalon renders, not just images:

<FlowPanel xmlns=“”
  xmlns:def=“Definition” Text.FontSize=“24″>
  <Text>This seems clear enough.</Text>
      <ImageEffectBlur Radius=“3”/>

    This is considerably less clear.

I’ve rewritten it using a more compact syntax:

<Text ImageEffect=“*ImageEffectBlur(Radius=3)“>
This is considerably less clear.

  1. For 1 free UUID, is this legal XAML? Why or why not?
  2. For 2 free UUIDs, what other popular XAML construct uses the exact same syntax?
  3. For 3 free UUIDs, what popular C# construct has a similar syntax? How is it subtly different? (Hint: I’m not showing the difference in this example.)