May 23, 2004 .net

A Gathering of Avalon 3D Materials

Greg Schecter, one of the designers of the new support for 3D in Avalon available in the Longhorn WinHEC build, provides a nice overview and some other links to Avalon 3D resources:

3D support in Avalon is not meant to build Doom 3, but it does shine especially brightly in two places: 1) you can do 3D in a declarative way in XAML, just like the rest of Avalon and 2) as Greg describes, the integration of 2D and 3D in Avalon is nice and clean the way it isn’t in most current 3D APIs. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of the 3D support in my own apps, which isn’t something I ever considered before with DirectX. Thanks, guys!