May 2, 2004 .net

Lutz Releases Reflector 4.0 (Finally!)

It has been hell keeping this to myself as Lutz has been sending me beta drops for the last coupla months for the completely reworked Reflector 4.0. Two very cool things about this release of Reflector:

  1. It supports any version of the .NET Framework, so it works great on Longhorn and Whidbey
  2. It has a replacement for the Class Viewer tools in the .NET SDK (wincv.exe) that I came to depend on in my writing and that hasn’t been updated for WinFX, so Reflector 4.0 is even more important to me than it would normally be

If you’re a .NET developer, you must use Reflector and if you use Reflector, you must use Reflector 4.0. Thanks, Lutz! We love you, man!

BTW, Lutz has set up a workspace for the Reflector 4.0 add-ins.

UPDATE: Denis Bauer has provided his own Reflector 4.0 Add-In to disassemble an entire assembly to a set of files. This is handy if, like me, you like to curl up with a good chuck of source code, put your feet up and enjoy a good cigar.