April 28, 2004 .net

Miguel de Icaza On Why Longhorn Matters

If you don’t know him, Miguel is the architect of the Mono open source project whose aim is to implement the .NET CLR and the Framework Class Libraries on Linux (and other places) so that .NET apps can run on OSes other than Windows.

In this essay, Miguel comments on the importance of Longhorn:

″…the combination of Microsoft deployment power, XAML, Avalon and .NET is killer. …

The combination means that Longhorn apps get the web-like deployment benefits: develop centrally, deploy centrally, and safely access any content with your browser.

The sandboxed execution in .NET means that you can visit any web site and run local rich applications as oppposed to web applications without fearing about your data security: spyware, trojans and what have you.

Avalon means also that these new Web’ applications can visually integrate with your OS, that can use native dialogs can use the functionality in the OS (like the local contact picker).

And building fat-clients is arguably easier than building good looking, integrated, secure web applications (notice: applications, not static web pages).”

What I find most interesting is that while Miguel doesn’t cover the entire Longhorn story, e.g. he doesn’t mention WinFS at all, what he does mention, he summaries well. I’m glad to see the message of what’s going to make Longhorn cool is getting out. : )