April 14, 2004 .net

Jeremey Mazner on the Real Status of WinFS

I’ve been silent myself on the real status of WinFS simply because I didn’t know enough to really say (although I did ask some of my internal friends who knew more to speak out). One person I didn’t even think to ask was Jeremey Mazner, a Longhorn Technical Evangelist who spends quite a bit of time WinFS.

Jeremey’s bottom line: none of the cuts affect the message from the PDC or the slides or code samples that he uses to show off the benefits of WinFS. He goes on to provide supporting evidence from inside and to speculate on where the stories to the contrary came from in the press.

That doesn’t mean that WinFS or any of the other Longhorn features we showed off at the PDC won’t take cuts in the future as we drive for our ship date, but as of right now, Jeremey has detected any real cuts in WinFS.