March 2, 2004 .net

The .NET Show: I’m Green With Envy for Indigo

Before watching this episode of The .NET Show, I used to think that Don’s speaking ability made the Indigo team somehow special, but after watching this episode on Indigo and seeing John Shewchuk and Steve Swartz wax elopquent about the high level interop and functionality goals of Indigo as well as the programming model goals, I think Don is just the guy that’s willing to be publicly naked (not that I can really point that finger : ).

John and Steve provide *such* a compelling story. If you haven’t heard the Indigo story or even if you have, this is the place to get it.

Following up on Steve’s places to go for more:

BTW, does anyone have some recommendations for Indigo bloggers? I subscribe to Don, Yasser and Aaron, but don’t see much Indigo traffic on those sites.