February 24, 2004 .net

O’Reilly Dedicates More Energy to Windows

The one and only time that I ever met Tim O’Reilly, I turned into fan-boy, telling him how I used to be a Unix guy and I would just buy every single animal book,” even if I didn’t know what the topic was because the quality of the books was so high that I knew I needed to know whatever was between the covers.

Now a days, ORA produces too many quality books to purchase (or even read) them all, but I’ve been very happy to see them turn more and more of their attention towards Windows, where I’ve put all of my developer energies for more than a decade. In fact, I’ve written one book for ORA myself and I’ve got two more in the works, so I continue to be a big fan. Today they launched the Windows DevCenter, where they are concentrating and aggregating all of their considerable Windows juice. And, of course, they have an RSS feed. Subscribed!