February 13, 2004 .net

Avalon Resizable Panels with Splitter Bars


Nathan Dunlap and Jonathan Russ work together as designer and coder to build splitting bars in Avalon:

Boy was I happy when he got back to me with a really simple solution that I have found is really easy to reuse in a lot of scenarios. I love experiences that really show me that the designer/developer split is going to be really graceful. It’s pretty cool when the design can start with me mocking up something and handing it off to the developer who can then build logic into it. It’s even better when the developer logic isn’t so intertwined with my styles and layout that I can hardly touch it without breaking something. This way I get to use my design skills at the prototype stages and early skeletal stages, and I also get to get my hands dirty in the real code at the fit and finish stages. All you designers who have spent hours refining your designs only to have your designs mangled when they get implemented in real code… your day is coming.

BTW, if it seems like a list a lot of community Avalon pieces on my site, it’s because there’s a lot of community activity in Avalon. If you’re doing WinFS or Indigo work and I’m not seeing it, please let me know!