February 11, 2004 .net

Kenny Linn on Intro Animation in XAML

Not only does Kenny show a cool little XAML animation sample, he does it in my favorite writing style.

I’ve always loved writers that start with something I’m familiar, in this case, a star defined in a hunk of XAML, and then build it up to add new features, in this case color, opacity, scale and rotation animations. The reason I love this style is that if I’m at a computer, I can follow along, folding the new features into my code and learning how things work by doing it. Or, if I’m reading the piece in the bathtub (which happens surprisingly often), I can build the code in my head (at least, til I get one of those cool waterproof military laptops).

Kenny’s piece almost does that, but the initial showing of the <TransformCollection> is shown without context, so it’s hard to know where it goes in the growing piece of XAML I was working on. Still, he follows it up a few sentences later with the entire XAML sample, so I can see the context. If he’d have been a little more explicit about the details of the animations he was applying and had wrapped it up with a summary, it would’ve been nearly perfect.

Oh, and animations in Avalon are cool, too. : )