February 3, 2004 .net

Preparing Today for Fewer LH Privileges Tomorrow

Karsten Jkdjflksjdf (or however you spell his last name : ) pointed out two excellent security articles today. The first is Developing Software in Visual Studio .NET with Non-Administrative Privileges.” Longhorn applications are going to run much better assuming fewer privileges, so getting yourself out of the habit of testing and running your own code as an Administrator is something you can do today to prepare for Longhorn tomorrow.

Another excellent article on this topic is from Keith Brown, a DevelopMentor colleague and security arch-Nemesis of mine (he never did like my plan of branding bad” applications by setting the first bit to 1 instead of 0… : ). Item #7 in Keith’s online book in progress, A .NET Developer’s Guide to Windows Security, is entitled How to develop code as a non-admin” and well worth the read for the practical advise as well as Keith’s pleasant writing style.