January 31, 2004 .net

MarkupCompilation: XAML, BAML, .g.cs Details

Rob Relyea, a Lead PM on the Avalon team, posts some history of XAML as well as a description of how it’s compiled into BAML and then into code. He also talks about CAML, which is used today in the PDC bits, but going away in the future.

I love these kinds of posts (and these kinds of articles) because they provide insight into what the designers of a particular technology had in mind, making it so much easier to learn. Having spent years of my life reverse-engineering the intentions of the COM designers out of the header files (because the docs and marketing materials actually pointed us in the wrong direction), it’s great when the folks behind the technology spill their guts. Thanks Chris and Jeff and Rob (and Mike and Don and the rest of the MS bloggers).