May 6, 2016 fun

Solitaire Redux

I’ve done a bunch of stuff related to Solitaire on my blog for some reason. I guess I’m a fan, although mostly these days I focusing my listening in boring meetings with 2048 or Border Siege (the real reason I have an Android phone).

Still, the interest must still be there, because when I saw 10 SOLITAIRE Facts You Probably Didn’t Know scroll by on my Flipboard feed, I was curious. I didn’t find anything that surprised me (I am a bit of a Solitaire buff after all), but I certainly was surprised to see this image come up when I got to Solitaire Fact #1:

Apparently Solitaire is the #1 most popular app that runs on Windows and I was the source of that information. To be clear, this is something I heard when I worked at Microsoft and probably was happy to say (never let a good story be ruined by the facts), but I never seen stats to that effect. Caveat emptor, your mileage my vary, some assembly required and all that jazz.

BTW, for the curious, this is Matt Pietreks office from back in the day. The only computer in that shot that’s mine is the laptop. Since it doesn’t seem to be running Solitaire, I’m not sure why gameranx chose it, but I do remember liking that shirt…