December 10, 2003

The Microsoft Partner Proposal Tool

Ever since coming to Microsoft, I’ve been doing my best to be as available as I was before hand. However, what that means is that sometimes I get requests for help in areas that are way out of my purview. One such thing is when people send me ideas for products that can only be done by Microsoft, implying some kind of partnership with the originator of the idea. I know how that works — I’ve pitched my share of ideas at MS looking for funding, too. However, unless it’s funding for developer-related content (of which I have a tiny amount), I can’t help anyone fund their sure-fire startup. However, since MS gets so many such requests, they’ve set up a web site to take them all in. If you’ve got yourself the next killer app idea, save yourself the time and go directly to the Microsoft Partner Proposal Tool. I’m guessing the success rate is small, but it’s certainly better than sending me email. : )