December 9, 2003 tools

Learn the new VC++ from the master

I used to brag that, unlike most C++ programmers, I learned C++ directly from the CFRONT 2.0 release notes and not from Stanley Lippman (his C++ Primer is a key part of C++ canon law). That boast came to a screeching halt when I had Stan in one of my COM courses and he revealed that he’d written the CFRONT 2.0 release notes.

And as if teaching the world C++ wasn’t enough, now that he works at Microsoft on the new Visual C++ and it’s new support for the .NET Framework in Whidbey,” he’s started a blog to teach the world now only how VC++’s new tracking handle syntax (aka hat”) but more importantly to point out *why* the VC++ went in this new direction.

And I can’t imagine someone I’d rather learn it from.