August 29, 2003 spout

re: The real goals of marketing?

Here. Sometimes I write something on my spout and it gets a ton of comments on my little homegrown message board (built by The .NET Guy himself [1]). More often, I hear almost nothing at all. But sometimes I get email and IMs from all corners of the globe from folks that want to give me feedback but don't want to post publicly for some reason. This last thing is what happened on my "The real goals of marketing?" piece [2]. I got some agreement w/ my friend ("Yep, marketing guys are scum. That's what they're paid for."), but mostly I got all kinds of folks, marketers and not, saying that my naive view is the favored one. John Porcaro was a rare one that actually put his feelings on the subject up for the public and sums up most of the feedback I got. Plus, he's a Group Manager @ MS's Home and Entertainment division, so hopefully he's so impressed with my posts that he'll want to send me an MCE PC. I can’t be bought, John, but I can be rented. : ) [1] [2]