May 8, 2003

Easy Event Notification Using Multiple Inheritance

Here. I had occasion to re-read my very first article today. I couldn't help myself, so I dropped in some annotations based on my experience since I wrote it. Bottom line: the ideas are still solid, but the writing needs work... While I thought that this 6/95 article was lost in the mists of time, Betsy Hardinger, the copy editor on the WinForms book, faxed me a paper copy (she's been around a while, obviously : ). When the fax came in, I thought I'd have to transcribe the piece (I only type ~65wpm). Luckily, Office 11 comes with MS Office Document Imaging, which has built-in OCR. After processing the document, I was able to select columns of text and past them into Word. I had to do considerable clean-up, but it was about 10x faster than typing it all by hand. I do so love MS software.