October 8, 2002

Microsoft’s New Enterprise View

Here. "MEC 2002 opened yesterday morning with a keynote address by Paul Flessner, senior vice president of .NET Enterprise Servers, that was packed with product announcements, demonstrations, and promises for the future." Apparently, Microsoft thinks that .NET Server's support for Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) Virtual Disk Service (VDS) are both really cool. Mr. Fetcher also demo'd the simply amazing ability of Outlook 11 to show the preview pane to the right of the list of emails instead of at the bottom. Myself, I'd be really happy if Outlook had zero new features, but included responsive multi-threading code. One thing that does sound interesting is "Greenwich" which is supposed to be an intranet, secure platform for doing IM. If I can use MSN IM to connect to internal and external IM accounts simultaneously, that'd be pretty darn cool.