September 5, 2002

Transparent Prevalence

Here. From Jesse Ezell: What happens when you mix Prevalence with ContextBoundObjects? Something like this… I followed the link over to the FAQ on Prevalence and it was interesting enough for me to take a closer look at. However, what really turned me off though was that you had to create all this ICommand and IQuery junk to make it work, so you really weren’t working with the same objects anymore (kind of defeats the purpose if you ask me). So, I took a few spare hours after work and hacked a TransparentPrevalence” framework that extends the concept using MessageSinks, ContextBoundObjects, etc. to provide automatic support for persistant objects without all the clumsy command and query objects. It is just a proof of concept, but if someone wants to build on it, feel free to download the source and let me know what you come up with. Too bad I had to work last Friday, this would have been a great Spend a Day With .Net” project.