November 15, 2008 oslo

SpankyJ is an Oslo Star!

SpankyJ (Josh Williams) is a star developer on the Oslo team (specifically the MSchema compiler) and he’s been doing some very cool stuff with M.

Firstly, Spanky’s the author of the Mr. Epl tool, which is a Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop program for interacting with M (M-REPL => Mr. Epl — cute, eh? When we used to call M” D”, it used to be Dr. Epl. If we change it to S”, we’ll Senór Epl! : ). Mr. Epl ships with the Oslo SDK, so if you’ve installed it, you can find it in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Oslo SDK 1.0\Bin\Intellipad\Samples\Microsoft.Intellipad.Scripting.M\MREPL.exe or you can execute it directly inside of Intellipad with the MScriptMode mode.

For a demonstration (and an explanation of how to get MScriptMode working in Intellipad), Spanky has recorded a very nice Mr. Epl screencast. Highly recommended.

Secondly, Spanky has just released a library for taking the output of MGrammar and producing a graph of .NET objects via XAML. He’s got a nice screencast of using it to create something simple to give you a feel, then he moves right into a natural language processor for creating WPF windows and controls interactively. The ability to type text that translated into WPF without using angle brackets demonstrates the potential for DSLs very well, I think.

A few notes when watching Spanky’s screencasts:

  • He has slowed himself down considerably to be clear and understandable and he’s done a good job. If you’d like to hear what he sounds like in real life, run the screencast at 1.5x speed. : )
  • He has a blinking red/green light in the taskbar — what *is* that?!
  • He’s a dev that tells a story like a champ — why the hell does my team even need PMs?

Anyone interested in Oslo should absolutely subscribe to Spanky’s blog. I know I have.