January 18, 2008 tools

Configuring VS08 to Debug .NET Framework Source

Shawn Burke has released the details to set up VS08 to debug into the .NET Framework source code, including the following assemblies:

  • mscorlib.DLL
  • System.DLL
  • System.Data.DLL
  • System.Drawing.DLL
  • System.Web.DLL
  • System.Web.Extensions.DLL
  • System.Windows.Forms.DLL
  • System.XML.DLL
  • WPF (UIAutomation*.dll, System.Windows.DLL, System.Printing.DLL, System.Speech.DLL, WindowsBase.DLL, WindowsFormsIntegration.DLL, Presentation*.dll, some others)
  • Microsoft.VisualBasic.DLL

Others are coming. Thanks, Shawn!