December 26, 2007 spout

The Sidekick Phone Sucks

I brought my son a Sidekick Slide cell phone for XMas this year and I’ve come to the conclusion that it sucks, or at least the way T-Mobile sells it sucks.

When I purchased it, the T-Mobile salesman offered me unlimited data and text messages for an additional $20/month on that line. The phone was an upgrade on our existing family plan, which already has 3000 minutes/month and unlimited text messaging and I don’t really need my son surfing the interweb during class, so I declined. He never mentioned that the phone wouldn’t actually work without this extra money, or I never would’ve purchased it.

Then, XMas morning rolls around, my son is super-excited and plugs his SIM card into his new phone, turns it on and is greeted with the activation screen. This lasted for hours. Eventually, he found the magic key combination and was able to use the phone, but when it crashed, it lost all his contacts and pictures. Plus, the battery life sucked, lasting maybe four hours between charges. The boy swears it’s because it’s still trying to activate in the background.

Finally, we called T-Mobile customer care.” If I wanted to use the full capabilities” of the phone, like save f-ing contacts, we pay the $20/month. The contacts are saved on the network” *only*. That sucks. This was a $200 phone subsidized with a 2-year extension to the contract and it can’t store f-ing phone numbers?!?

I was about ready to cram the phone back up the T-Mobile salesman’s…. well, I would’ve returned it, but the boy was so enamored, he committed to ponying up the dough from his allowance.

And I have a sneaking suspicion that even though we now have the Sidekick feature” package, that the battery life is *still* going to suck… Keep your fingers crossed.

P.S. I can’t tell you how much my son loves this phone…