November 26, 2007 spout

I had to load FireFox on my machine yesterday

In general, IE7 more than meets my needs. It shows me the web pages I want and it works well. However, there is one killer feature that FireFox has that I desperately needed yesterday that caused me to load it onto my machine. It’s not my default browser and it doesn’t replace IE7, but FireFox is there and fulfilling my one killer feature needs nicely.

What’s the feature, you ask? Well I’ll tell you: sane content scaling. IE7 has Ctrl+, but it works very poorly, unlike FireFox, where it works fabulously.

Here’s the problem. Yesterday, I started reading the most excellent C# 3.0 in a Nutshell online, but the Text Zoom +” button didn’t increase the font size nearly enough for me to read on my giant LCD monitor. So, I started pressing Ctrl+ on IE7 and the text got bigger, but it didn’t wrap the text inside the window, instead giving me horizontal scroll bar. This confuses me, because IE wraps text just fine when the window is resized or when the text size changes — why can’t it wrap when the content is scaled?

Anyway, FireFox rescales things very nicely and made my online reading very pleasant.