August 8, 2006 spout

The Media Center PC ain’t a desktop; it’s a server

I’ve seen some flack lately about how the Windows Media Center Edition-style computers haven’t changed how folks consume content. Man, it sure has changed mine. Sure, you can put a MCE box on your desk and watch TV from your chair, but who the hell wants to do that?

A MCE box belongs in a living room or bedroom somewhere or even in a server closet. In fact, while I have my MCE box attached to my bedroom TV, I use it as a media server for music, video, photos and recorded TV shows. My media is available at every PC in my home and at every TV w/ an MCE extender box (I have an XBox on one TV and an XBox 360 on another). This setup allows my media room” to be my entire house and allows my family room media setup to consist of an HDTV and an XBox 360.

What’s not to love about that?