June 22, 2006 fun

My Qtek 8500 should be in my hands tomorrow!

The reviews have been largely positive (but not completely), and I’m very much looking forward to my new QTEK 8500 (aka the Star Trek [STRTrk?]). Apparently I’ll be one of the first folks on the west coast to have it, which will probably destroy my book-writing productively over the weekend (I’m supposed to be working on the Avalon RTM book).

Being first with hardware is not generally something I like to do. In general, I purchase laptops and cell phones and not many of either (usually one every 18 months of either). Frankly, I’m a late adopter on hardware cuz I like to handle someone else’s first (no snide comments, please… : ). However, the experience with my Audiovox 5600 has been so positive and the features of the QTEK 8500 are so overwhelming (on paper) that I just had to get it ASAP. It’s really the first Windows Mobile 5 phone I’ve found compelling.

Stay tuned for a review.