April 24, 2005 spout writing

Status of ATL Internals 2e

More people than you’d expect have been asking, so here’s an update on ATL Internals 2e.

This effort actually started in 2003, when Kirk Fertita updated the first 9 chapters to ATL7 as provided in VS 2002. Then he had to go work on his start-up, which represented his only income stream and would’ve gone belly up w/o him (selfish bastard! : ).

Then George Shepherd did a little work, writing bits of two new chapters on ATL Server before he had to bale.

Now, finally, we have an author that’s going to see this book to the finish line: Chris Tavares. I’ve written with him before and he’s excellent. He’s already ported chapters 1-4 to ATL8 as provided in VS 2005 and is on schedule to bring my and Brent’s work on ATL3, Kirk and George’s work on ATL7 and his own new work into a cohesive ATL8 book to hit the shelves 3-4 months after VS05 has hit RTM.