November 13, 2004 spout

Outsourcing to Arkansas

I love the idea of outsourcing to rural parts of the country because a) I like keeping jobs in the US if possible (although I’m not a protectionist by any stretch of the imagination), b) it gives the under-employed more choices and c) it’s another step toward my dream employment environment.

I see a future where people are listed like books on Amazon with ratings, reviews, descriptions (aka resumes), prices and availability, to be placed into a shopping cart to form ad hoc project teams based on the needs of the project and not on the locale of the participant or something as restrictive as employer.” I admit that I this article is only a small step and may not even be in the direction I’m hoping for, but as I’d like to live in a rural area (central Oregon) and still get to do interesting work at reasonable pay, I’m more than happy to read into things.