November 1, 2004 tools

MaxiVista: Changing My Mind About Tablets

When I first read about MaxiVista, the thing that really got me interested was that it gave me two things that I really want from my Tablet PC. The 1st is to be able to use a slate-only Tablet as a 2nd monitor for my laptop so that I can continue my addiction to keeping my whole life on a laptop, but still be cool like the other kids (I’ve so far avoided multi-monitor setups because I love my laptop too much and I was afraid of the conflicting addictions).

The 2nd thing I get is a result of the first, i.e. if I’m going to use the Tablet as an adjunct to my laptop, then I shouldn’t worry about a generation sometime in the future where Tablet convertibles can replace my laptop, but just get the best slate I can find and enjoy it as a remote viewer/editor of info via file sharing and terminal services.

If you have a device you’d like to turn into a 2nd monitor and you don’t yet have MaxiVista, Scott Hanselman’s posted a 30% off MaxiVista coupon.