October 18, 2004 conference

Coming into the final DevCon5 curve

As is always the case, tons of things are coming together at the last moment for the 5th DevCon:

  • Received Tim Ewald’s flight arrangements so that I can pick him up on the way to the conference
  • Don XML is going to make sure that Tim Bray gets to the Portland Nerd Dinner and to the conference in time for his keynote address
  • T-shirts on their way
  • Proceedings printed and in my garage
  • Maps printed so that I can find my way (haven’t been there in years and years)
  • Brothers Sells excited about the extra days off from school so that they can hang at the Skamania Lodge (although I’m pretty sure they’re expecting to be able to play their Gameboys the entire time : )
  • Microphones, podium, projector and project screens arranged for speakers
  • Wireless Internet access and power arranged for attendees (and speakers)
  • All but a handful of seats filled in our expanded space (8 seats left)
  • Rory giving away a free conference registration on his site