October 3, 2004

Charlie Kindel on Home Servers and Storage

Charlie Kindel has been an idol of mine since the COM days. As an MS employee, he set the standard of openness towards externals long before it was in vogue. Recently, he’s been posting on a topic near and dear to my heart: in home servers and storage.

Right now, I’ve got two: a file server and a media server (or, what I hope to become a media server when Media Center Extender boxes are available). Alone these lines, two recent posts are of particular interest:

While my backup system works, it’s not nearly as robust as I would like it to be and due to size constraints, I don’t even back up my audio or video media (although I do back up the images), so I’m very much looking forward to Charlie’s further writings on this topic.


P.S. While I don’t believe that this attitude has anything to do with Charlie Kindel, if there had been a 3rd Sells Brother, he would’ve been named Charlie. Likewise, I’ve always hated my girlie name and sometimes think about changing it. To what, you ask? You guessed it: Charlie. : )