September 29, 2004 spout

BankOne: Special Victims Unit

I have a BankOne Visa card that I use for Sells Brothers, Inc. as a charge card for expenses like computer equipment, technical book purchases and strip clubs (you know -- business expenses : ). Apparently somebody got a hold of the number and started making charges with it today. A $19 charge was approved, but the $331 charge swung the BankOne AI software into action and the charge was declined. They called right away to confirm the activity and when I didn't recognize it, they credited me the $19, canceled the card, put a new one in the mail, sent all three major credit card agencies a notice so that my credit rating wouldn't be affected and put an affidavit in the mail so that I could swear that the $19 charge wasn't mine. All of this defense against identity theft cost me 5 minutes on the phone, a few days wait while I receive my new card, a signature and $0. Amazing.