September 22, 2004 .net

Mike Harsh On the Life Left in Windows Forms (Lots!)

Mike Harsh, a PM on the Windows Forms team, gives his opinion on several important Windows Forms and Avalon-related questions:

  • Is [Windows Forms 2.0 as the last version of Windows Forms] a bad thing from a developer perspective?
  • So UI library innovation for Windows Forms is finished.  Does that make it dead? (no)
  • Is it worth investing in Windows Forms? (yes)
  • Will Windows Forms apps be able to integrate Longhorn controls in under 5 lines of code? (absolutely)
  • If I invest in a large Windows Forms app today will I have to rewrite it in 3 years for Avalon?

These are Mike’s opinions and not official Microsoft messaging, but I’ll leave you to decide whether that’s worse or better. : )