July 21, 2004 spout

Hypothetical: What’s Best For Windows Developers?

Hypothetically, if you were a relatively well-known voice in the Windows development community (let’s call her Kris) and you were being pursued as a series editor for two publishers, call them O’Shawnasee Associated (OSA) and Anderson-Manderson (AM), which would you pick?

Suppose that both OSA and AM have a strong existing Windows presence, but AM has the edge in a quality .NET series with a strong voice already at the helm (call her Dawn) while OSA has a more scattered offering spread across format and media types. Would it be better for Windows developers if Kris lent her voice to the AM existing series, reducing the competition for authors between series, or should she work with OSA to gather their Windows editorial vision into a more cohesive whole, requiring developers to make a harder choice between publishers?

I know that this question is hypothetical and holds no importance in any pending decisions by anyone real, but I’m still curious about your thoughts. Please post your comments here.