May 26, 2004 spout

This Absolutely Boggles My Mind


Steven Edwards is an OSS guy working with the Wine guys to build a new version of Windows from scratch called ReactOS. They’ve got 20-30 people, they’ve been working on it for a few years and they’re 6-8 months away from getting client-side of networking to work to the point that it supports HTTP.

Oh my god.

Why would anyone want to waste time doing this? I don’t even like to build my own autocomplete listbox when it’s already been done and that’s only about 12 lines of .NET code! Why the hell would anyone want to build Win32 all over again, let alone Win16 (what the Wine guys do)?!? We have all these programmers with all this free time and all they can think to do is to clone OSes and applications that have already been built? Why not add something new into the world?

I just don’t get it…