July 12, 2002

Happy Birthday, Mono!

Here. "In a year, we have achieved plenty: -94 contributors with CVS access (84 non-Ximian developers). -A complete CLI implementation: -A fast and performing x86 JIT engine (inlining, constant propagation). -An interpreter for other systems (PPC, Sparc, StrongArm). -A self-hosting C# compiler, which can compile its class libraries. -37,140 file changes in CVS. -92,000 lines of C code. -437,000 lines of C# code (compiler, classes, tests) -A working core for ASP.NET and ADO.NET. -Major subsystems are functional: RegularExpressions, System.XML, XML.Schema, System.Data, System.Web. -The Gtk# project, which is maturing rapidly." [www.go-mono.com]