April 26, 2004 spout writing

Marc Clifton is a Prolific SOB

I first heard about Marc Clifton on his work with MyXaml, a declarative UI language that shares a name and some principles with the XAML declarative language in Longhorn, but that works on .NET now. Until today, I had missed his earlier work on this subject: The Application Automation Layer: Introduction And Design, along with the rest of his 51 articles on CodeProject.com (wow).

I’ve never met Marc, but I’d sure like to. He seems like an interesting guy, both because of his work and because of this statement in his CodeProject bio: Having no formal education in software development, he feels exceptionally qualified to inflict his opinions on the community at large regarding how programming should be done.” Now that’s the kind of attitude I like!

Marc, if you’re going to be in the Pacific Northwest anytime soon, look me up!