December 20, 2013

The Party Is Just Getting Started At Snapflow!

snapflow logoThis has been my first week at Snapflow and what a week it’s been! I’ve already spend a good part of two days with actual customers that are excited about using Snapflow to build their web and mobile applications, started on a technical spike for one of those apps to be delivered on our platform in February and found the local Hawaiian teriyaki place.

As Chief Technical Officer at Snapflow, I’ll have influence over internal technology direction and external outreach, help to build our suite of products as well as growing the engineering team and work to understand our customers and make sure that they’re happy.

Snapflow’s customers are enterprise verticals building web sites and mobile apps. They want to build apps with global reach and cloud scale, but they don’t want to manage VMs for their databases, custom logic and REST APIs. With Snapflow, they get to configure their data model, design their custom logic with workflow and the REST API falls naturally from that. Further, because Snapflow provides enterprise-grade services, customers get top notch tools, security at the granularity they need, multi-tenancy to deal with app variations across groups or geographies, and guaranteed uptime. Our customers can then build their client apps however we want, but so far it’s been overwhelmingly HTML-based, so you’ll soon see tools from us to support that even more.

Technology-wise, we’ve got an amazing mix of AWS-based cloud hosting, Mongo DB and .NET on the server-side with HTML5-based tools and apps using Angular, Bootstrap and Kendo UI on the client-side.

And we’re hiring! Snapflow has more work than we can do right now and we’d love your help. I had other choices when it came to my next adventure, but Snapflow is that rare combination of people, technology and opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up. It’s the hot enterprise startup in Portland. Come join the party!