September 27, 2010 tools

Time to check the donuts

One day when I was supposed to be writing, I needed something to do (as often happens). In this particular case, I built a little tray icon app using the new (at the time) tray icon support in Windows Forms (this was a while ago : ). The data I was checking was my gmail account and whenever there was new mail, I’d pop up a notification. All very simple, so to be funny, instead of saying “You’ve got mail,“� my program said I’s time to check the donuts.”

Over time, I came to rely on this app but lamented the lack of features, like seeing who the email was from or marking an email as read w/o logging in, etc. Over time, I came to wish I had something like Gmail Notifier. I’s free and while it doesn’t contain an ’80s commercial reference, it has way more features than I ever built into mine. Oh, and the noise it makes when you get an email is priceless. Recommended.