February 22, 2001 tools

TZ Data to XML Project

These are the outputs of my attempts to translate the native tz data into XML for easier parsing for applications other than implementations of the standard C routines related to time.

This is the first step in a project to merge time zone and map data by the Time Zone Map Group, lead by Chuck Ellis.


  • tz2xml.zip: A VC++ program to translate native tz data files into XML. Warning: This requires a certain directory structure and a few modified files from the tz code to export shared functions. I’m working to fix that.
  • /tools/tz/tzxml.zip: Native tz data files translated to XML, including comments. Suitable for replacement as the native format. Generated by running tz2xml on the tz data files.

Yet To Do

  • Namespace support.
  • XSD support.
  • An XSLT to translate back to native tz data format.
  • An XSLT to output popular data needs, e.g. all the zones, all the rules, etc.
  • An updated zic to use the new XML format instead of the existing format.
  • Unix port of tz2data (I’ll need help on that one).


Unfortunately, I’m but one man. If you’d like to help on any of these projects, let me know.


Copyright © 2001 by Chris Sells. All rights reserved. No warrantees extended. Use at your own risk. You may not distribute any portion of the tz2xml source code without express written consent. You may, however, use the source with no fee or redistribute the sample XML data at will.