April 18, 2004 fun

Chris’s Friends on the Web

If you’re looking for my wife, Melissa, her email address is msells@sellsbrothers.com. Her email is pretty reliable now, so send her some! It makes her so happy…

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Joel and Beth Howie are online again. Drop them a line.

Another friend of mine since grade school, Pete Clark, is just coming off his hiatus recovering from a dot-bomb and spending time with his new child. He is now the principle in pclark.net Consulting, LLC.

If you live in Portland, OR and you’d like to get together for breakfast with a group of congenial nerds,” check out the Nerd Breakfast Home Page. I like to get there myself when I’m not traveling (or sleeping in : ).

This just in!  Matt Pietrek’s wife took this pic of (left to right), Don Box, me and Matt Pietrek. Sorry about the lack of a smile. I was having a lot of fun hanging out at Matt’s house that day, but can never manage to smile for the camera. BTW, ask me to tell you how all of us spent hours debugging a screensaver that day…