April 17, 2003 colophon

Major Retrofit for ASP.NET 1.0

This site, the logo, business cards and t-shirts were designed by guonan. She’s got an amazing style and she’s very easy to work with.

The initial version of this site was implemented by Jon Flanders. The way he was able to make conflicting requirements work for this site was inspirational. Most of what I know about ASP.NET, I learned from this site and Jon.

Continuous grammar checking is provided by Craig Andera (whether I want it or not : ).

The site itself is hosted at SecureWebs.

The implementation is a mixture of ASP.NET as the navigation and layout framework and HTML for the content. My goals for the site were simple: look nice, easy to maintain. I didn’t want to give up FrontPage for my HTML editor (’cuz it has the Word key bindings that are hard-coded into my brain : ), but I wanted to be able to get the functionality of ASP.NET. So, the main content comes for an ascx file that reads in the index.htm and strips off the head section. Except for the home page, which is laid out specially, each default.aspx on my site just pulls in a single pageLayout.ascx file that does all of the layout using content from the target of the URL. By separating content from layout, I get the best of both FrontPage and ASP.NET, making both content and site maintenance easy.