March 13, 2000 fun

Signs that you may be taking COM too seriously…

  • The family pet dies. The best explanation you can give the children is Fluffy’s reference count finally reached zero.”
  • You’ve mailed more than three written petitions to the city council of Enumclaw, Washington requesting that the town prefix its name with an I’.
  • Your wife has a rather irritating habit of QI’ing you for IMowsTheLawn, despite the fact that for years you’ve been returning everything from E_NOINTERFACE to RPC_S_SERVER_TOO_BUSY.
  • The best thing about the new generation of wireless internet devices is that you will be able to receive the DCOM and ATL mailing lists from almost anywhere.
  • Part of your IPO research strategy involves calling the company’s engineering manager on the phone and demanding a detailed explanation of apartments and threading.
  • The party you threw to celebrate the introduction of asynchronous RPC calls in Windows 2000 was significantly more expensive than your wedding reception.
  • Last Summer’s family vacation to Redmond, Washington.
  • All those emails you’ve sent to Chris Sells trying to convince him that ATL Internals” would make a really great movie.
  • Although it is humorous, there are a couple of items in the Signs you’ve hired the wrong COM developer…” list that you can’t help but view as personally insulting.
  • On your laptop there exists a half-completed manuscript entitled The Tao of COM.
  • You refer to your Social Security Number as your GUID.

Tony Toivonen
DCOM Mailing List