August 5, 2001 fun

Some MORE signs that you may be taking COM too seriously…

  • Your weekly beach volley ball matches are between teams named Proxies’ and ‘Stubs’.
  • You read ATL Internals’ while waiting in line for the next ride at Universal studios
  • You are locked outside your house without your keys and the sticky note at the door reads CoLockObjectExternal’ when your wife gets back.
  • You ask your bank if they can send your monthly balance statements in XML format.
  • You return your neighbor’s telephone call saying it was an interapartment callback.
  • You ask your cable television company if they support Channel Hooks.
  • You decide to do some detective work by night and call yourself the IMallocSpy.
  • Your kid asks you what a female Ox is called and you reply OXID.

Aravind Corera
Originally written for IDevResource
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