May 15, 2001 spout

Rules of Engagement

Tuesday, 5/15/01

This is a page where I can just spout off about whatever. I keep it separate from my Tools page so that you don’t mix up any of my spoutings with facts.

Before I  get started, I’d like to lay some ground rules. First and foremost, I’d like to warn you that every human on the planet has an agenda, often more than one. These are some of mine:

  • I want to make people’s lives better. This drives pretty much everything I do. Since my education is in computer science and my sphere of influent is developers, most of what I do is to help that sub-species of human known as developers.” Recently I’ve been experimenting with ways to help normal humans, but what these people want is foreign to me, so it’s slow going.
  • I’m interested in putting food on my table. For the same reason, I’m interested in what’s good for me and my family. This drive is the most potentially dangerous to you if you’re going to put any stock into my spoutings. Be warned.
  • I’m interested in what I’m interested in. Once I like something, I often like it for a long, long time. However, only one thing at a time can really consume me and you’re likely to hear about it here.

The second ground rule is that while I try to be as accurate as possible, I’m human and I make mistakes. If you find a mistake or you think my opinion is just so wrong that it requires a response or you’d just like to respond in general, feel free to send me email at